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What Sound Can Do For You

Sound is an ancient and powerful tool to help relax the mind and take you on a journey of self-exploration.

This is an active form of meditation that uses frequencies and vibrations from voice and/or musical instruments to put the brain in altered state of consciousness, where your thoughts and feelings can be observed on a deeper level.

This practice helps with self awareness, being in the present and restores mind-soul-body connection. 

Enter a deep state of meditation and receive

what you need at the moment




Calm the mind

Rest and restore muscles

Release layers of tensity

Feel balanced

Past trauma 


Anxiety, Fear 


Process creative blockages

Get inspirational ideas

Gain more confidence


Providing a holistic and open-minded approach, I help people feel heard, seen, understood and empowered.

Tools Of The Mind



My voice is one of my powerful tools that help people open up. I also use various instruments to promote relaxation and deep meditation, otherwise known as sound healing. 


Pattern Recognition

We are creatures of habits. This is great for good habits, but less so for unconscious ones that block us from growing. Knowing what your patterns are is already a win for a better version of you.



Emotions can be processed more effectively when movement is incorporated. It allows the energy to move through the body more easily.


New Reality Scripting

Writing a new script is intimidating and liberating at the same time. But living your best life requires courage and 'now' is the perfect place to start.

Experience Sound

Sound Healing

Group Events 

I offer group events for various occasions:


Team building 



Wellness parties 




Sound journey can be relaxing or more energetic with movement and upbeat music.

There are lots of options! Get in touch to discuss how to create an engaging and memorable event. 

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions take place in the comfort of your home or a space you feel most at ease.  
A session can be an hour or make it a full wellness day with cacao ceremony, meditation, movement, sound journey and journaling. 

Drop me a note and we will discover what works best for you.

Community Events

Soon I will be offering community events in Cascais, Lisbon and other cities in Portugal. 

This is a great way to get familiar with sound healing and meet like minded people. 

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