by Anastasia Sound 

Sound  Of  Wellness

Sound is an extremely effective and powerful tool for physical and energetic self care. 

I combine high frequency therapeutic instruments such as crystal bowls, drums & nature sounds with my own voice to create space for personal transformation.   

The rhythms and frequencies of my voice and instruments can shift the normal beta state (alert, concentrating, reacting) into an alpha (creative, relaxed), theta (meditative) and delta  state (deep sleep), where restoring and healing can occur.

You don’t just hear the vibrations but you FEEL them within your body.


  • Greatly promotes processing of negative emotions

  • Mood alleviation    

  • Relaxes muscles and quiets the mind

  • Reduction of stress, anxiety and depression 

  • Raising of positive, energetic vibrations throughout the body (chakras activation)

  • Greatly promotes getting into a state of deep meditation, relaxation and tranquility  

  • Connection with the self on a deeper and more profound level / self-inquiry 

  • Promotes acceptance of who you are and where you are in life at the moment

  • Increases self-worth

  • Promotes feeling of compassion and state of balance


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Book Your Session

1-on-1 session in person or online:

60 min / $120 

Enjoy the session at the privacy of your home or at my home studio (located in North Naples, FL) . 

Online sessions are available through FaceTime or Google Hangout. 

Session will include a brief discussion of your intention, 5-10 min breath work to relax the muscles and mind, so you can ease into sound meditation. 

Enjoy recorded sound samples on YouTube:

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Group Sound Meditation

Group Sound Meditation at Kunjani, craft coffee & gallery shop, 6-7PM

Every last Monday of the month I am performing at my favorite coffee shop in Naples called Kunjani. I vocalize along with Karin Wolfe (Founder of Firefly Within Foundation), who creates a beautifully soothing sound with 8 crystal bowls. Combination of bowls and live vocals creates an incredible atmosphere for people to relax and get into a state of trance. 


Located at 780 Seagate Drive, Naples, FL 34103

Donations appreciated


Sound can take you closer to your truth if only you allow

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