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Sound is a powerful tool to take you on a journey of self-exploration 

Sound is an ancient and powerful tool to help relax the mind and take you on a journey of self-exploration 

This is a form of meditation that uses frequencies and vibrations from voice and/or musical instruments to put the brain in altered state of consciousness, where your thoughts and feelings can be observed on a deeper level

This practice helps with self awareness, being in the present and restores mind-soul-body connection

What Can Sound Do For You

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Heal with Vibration, Frequency & Sound

  • Helps process negative emotions

  • Improves mood    ​

  • Relaxes muscles and quiets the mind

  • Reduction of stress, anxiety and depression 

  • Raising of positive, energetic vibrations throughout the body (chakras activation)

  • Greatly promotes getting into a state of deep meditation, relaxation and tranquility  

  • Connection with the self on a deeper and more profound level / self-inquiry 

  • Promotes acceptance of who you are and where you are in life at the moment

  • Increases self-worth

  • Promotes feeling of compassion and state of balance

Sound As Heart Opening Journey

About Me


I use my voice as a tool to connect to Divine

I create a playground where sounds can do their magic - every composition that comes through me is a form of an emotional expression.

The frequencies of sounds from instruments and vocals help engage conscious listening. This heightens self-awareness, helping the listener tune into their emotions, relive them and release whatever is no longer needed.

The muscles relax and thoughts slow down. Stress is reduced and the deep state of meditation cultivates a feeling of harmony 

Experience Sound

I offer sound sessions in a group setting around South West Florida, please see events page for latest events here or check out instagram

Sound can take you closer to your truth if only you allow