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Since a very young age I have been fascinated with music and sounds that surround us - sounds in nature, objects in daily life (car engines, phones, plastic bags, vacuum cleaners etc) and sounds that we make to communicate with one another. 

The more I study what sound is and apply it to my daily wellness routine, the more I realize what a powerful tool it is for personal self-development. 

What is sound meditation

Hello dear heart, 

My name is Anastasia Sound, I call myself a sound facilitator and I offer voice and sound meditation for emotional balance and harmony.  

I create melodic compositions with my voice in combination with various musical instruments, including crystal bowls, drums, shakers and other objects that grab my attention.  

To add vividness to the experience, I incorporate sounds of nature that have a very “satisfying” sound to the ear - like ocean waves, sand, shells, wind, leaves. 

Basically, I create a playground where sounds can do their magic - every composition that comes through me is a form of an emotional expression.

The frequencies of sounds from instruments and vocals help engage conscious listening. This heightens self-awareness, helping the listener tune into their emotions, relive them and release whatever is no longer needed.

The muscles relax and thoughts slow down. Stress is reduced and the deep state of meditation cultivates a feeling of harmony at the end of session.

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My education on different languages, cultures and music genres started from a very young age. 

I was born in a small fisher's town called Murmansk, in northern Russia, where I attended music school and performed with my aunt's music band. Since my 10th, I lived in the Netherlands, traveled and performed throughout Europe and earned a Degree in Arts And Music Business in the UK. 

After my graduation in 2010, I decided to join my adventurous mom who just moved to Panama City in Central America. 

Soon my singing career took off and I performed at countless weddings and private events, along with appearances on radio stations and TV shows. And I recorded my first album with original pop songs. 

After three fun years of being an entertainment artist, I felt a strong calling from within saying “Anastasia, it is time to explore further”. 

Vaguely understanding what that message meant, I knew it was time to travel to a new destination. 

The last seven years here, in the US, have been truly transformational, both personally and professionally. I found myself on a spiritual path and discovered a completely different way of singing. A way where sound takes on a fundamental role for self-discovery and self-reflection, rather than just being there for sole entertainment purposes.   

As I continued on my spiritual journey, I realized I had to relearn everything I knew about sound. I thought it was simply sound, nothing more, nothing less. But after a few eye-opening books and experiences, I “saw” sound from a whole different perspective. I was astonished to experience for myself what a wonderful tool sound is for emotional well being.  

I eagerly learned more about the power of sound, and how frequencies and energies affect us. The inner-exploration of the good, the bad and the ugly is always a hard to face, but it helps clear out a lot of emotional luggage and establish an even stronger connection with music. 

After years of trial and error, I finally heard and understood how my voice longed to be expressed and the purpose behind it. 

xo Anastasia

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