My Path To Sound 

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Since a very young age I have been fascinated with music and sounds that surround us - sounds in nature, objects in daily life (car engines, phones, plastic bags, vacuum cleaners etc) and sounds that we make to communicate with one another. 

The more I study what sound is and apply it to my daily wellness routine, the more I realize what a powerful tool it is for personal self-development

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My education on different languages, cultures and music genres started from a very young age. 

I was born in a small fisher's town called Murmansk, in northern Russia, where I attended music school and performed with my aunt's music band.
Since I was 10 I lived in the Netherlands, traveled and performed cover songs throughout Europe and earned a Degree in Arts And Music Business in the UK. 

After my graduation in 2010, I decided to join my adventurous mom who just moved to Panama City in Central America. My singing career took off and I performed at upscale hotels, weddings and private events, along with appearances on radio stations and TV shows. 

After three fun years of being an entertainment artist, I felt a strong calling from within saying “Anastasia, it is time to explore further” and so I knew it was time to travel to a new destination. 

The last seven years in the US have been truly transformational, both personally and professionally. I found myself on a spiritual path and discovered a completely different way of singing. A way where sound takes on a fundamental role for self-discovery and self-reflection.   

I was very fortunate to have had my first Ayahuasca ceremony in jungles of Panama when I was 28.  

This was an absolute mind-blowing experience where I saw sound from a whole different perspective realizing what a wonderful tool it is for emotional well being.  

The inner-exploration of the good, the bad and the ugly is hard to face, but it certainly helps clear out a lot of emotional luggage and establish an even stronger connection with our true selves